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Our industries.

Discover the diverse range of industries that One Guard Inspections proudly serves, including dealerships, fleets, auctions, and warranty companies.

Fleet inspections.

We understand the importance of managing small to large fleets, and how complicated it can be to keep up with multiple locations.  With our Nationwide coverage, fleet inspections are cost-saving and safety-conscious initiatives designed to help you protect your bottom-line.


We offer a variety of inspections designed with the dealer in mind.  Whether you are managing lease trade-in’s, handling a buyback’s, contemplating a trade-in, or purchasing vehicles across state lines, we have you covered. Inspections can be mechanically checked, assessed for frame damage, validated for the overall condition, or a combination of all three.


Are you looking for a new corporate inspection partner? Gain instant access to our nationwide network of ASE certified inspectors, and significantly shorten cycle times, from the initial request to the final report.


Our industry experts will promptly verify the issue and meticulously document the details in a comprehensive report. We are experts in validating and documenting issues that arise during the warranty term period and helping qualify vehicle coverage before the contract start date.

Our industry experts will quickly confirm the issue and document in a report the details surrounding the findings. All reports are supported by facts that include high-definition photos and videos, and a BlueDriver OBDII scan report. Inspection services include mechanical failure and ancillary coverage for service contract related claims.

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