On-demand expertise

with Virtual Inspections.

A virtualized inspection conducted by one of our ASE certified inspectors over our proprietary streaming platform.

Perfect for time sensitive cases or claims when expediency matters most.

Virtual Inspections are designed to provide efficient and quick resolution, ensuring that you can meet crucial deadlines and address urgent matters effectively.


Request and schedule a virtual inspection with one of our ASE certified inspectors.


Securely connect over our proprietary streaming platform to start a video call.


Our inspector will guide you through the virtual inspection step-by-step.


We’ll provide you with a summarized inspection report and link to the video call recording.

Powered by innovation.

At One Guard Inspections, our commitment to innovation is the cornerstone of our service. Our innovative approach to virtual inspections integrates game-changing proprietary software with a meticulous inspection process, ensuring efficiency and excellence.

Qualified inspectors.

With our Self-Service option, you can inspect a vehicle at your convenience, any time and anywhere. Experience a fast, hassle-free inspection process that fits your schedule.

Detailed Report

Created/validated by ASE-certified inspectors.
Includes hi-definition photos and videos.
Flexible and customizable reporting.
Easy-to-read and manage.
Securely stored online.
Are virtual inspections as thorough/effective as physical inspections?
Certainly. Virtual Inspections are conducted with our team of highly qualified inspectors, ensuring the same high level of quality and accuracy for which we are known.

Virtual Inspections leverage real-time communication between our on-site contact and remote inspectors, enhancing information sharing to maintain our renowned standards and ensure a seamless and accurate inspection process.
Are there any requirements or do I need any special equipment to receive a virtual inspection?
With One Guard, there's no need to download any software or applications. All you require is a mobile device like a cell phone or tablet, connected to a data plan or Wi-Fi.

Our Virtual Inspection is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, ensuring a seamless experience.
How are Virtual Inpsections scheduled?
We will send a link via SMS or email, to schedule your appointment. Simply click the link and follow the directions to start the inspection.
Are all inspection types offered virtually?
One Guard provides its complete range of inspection services remotely, covering mechanical failure assessments, expert analysis, arbitration and dispute resolutions, Off-Lease Inspections, Pre-Sale Inspections, Pre-Finance Assessments, and Post-Sale Inspections.

Save time with

Virtual Inspections.